20′ Ice machine container

Refrigerated Containers

IRS Refrigeration specialise in refrigerated containers.

You don’t need to trust your valuable perishable products with someone whose expertise is in storing furniture. Our on-staff refrigeration mechanics service every container prior to departure, meaning your container will provide optimum performance.

We find innovative and cost effective solutions to every situation and can modify containers to suit your needs.

IRS Refrigeration can provide options as per specific requests. Ice machine containers are manufactured predominately for oil and gas mining camps. These 20′ containers have been manufactured specifically for flake ice for the fishing industry. Ice machines have storage available from 300 kg-1000 kg of cube ice. These are installed in insulated containers fitted with air conditioning and easy access doors.

Internal dimensions may vary according to the type of wall construction and thickness. This also influences the tare weight and contents weight of the container.

Pricing varies upon the quality, age and any prior modifications and general condition

These containers can serve a dual purpose by being set at two different temperatures, for example as a fridge and freezer in one unit.

– secure
– lockable
– wind and water proof
– insect and rodent proof

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