General Purpose Containers


IRS’s range of General Purpose Containers, ( Steel and Insulated ) can be modified for use as Site Hut, Offices, Lunch Rooms, Showers, Toilets and Accommodation units.

General Purpose Containers

IRS Refrigeration supply containers used for storing dry goods.

These containers are extremely versatile and come in a range of sizes, configurations and price ranges.

Pricing varies upon the quality, the age, any prior modifications and general condition.

All Containers are secure, lockable, wind, water, insect and rodent proof.

Custom Design

IRS Refrigeration’s range of General Purpose Containers can be modified for use as Site Huts, Offices, Lunch Rooms, Showers, Toilets and Accommodation.

They come with the bare basics or can be fitted out to provide all the luxuries of home.

IRS Refrigeration offers a competitive price to Buy or Hire. Or if you prefer we also offer various payment options, including our “Hire to Buy” arrangement. It is all about what best suits you.

We have obtained certification through QAS International in Environmental Management – ISO 14001:2004 (Certificate No. AUP1032EN), Quality Management – ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. AUP1032CA), and Occupational Health and Safety – BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (Certificate No. AUP1032HS).