Independent Refrigeration Services At Tasting Australia (April 2018)
Independent Refrigeration Services have hired multiple refrigerated shipping containers to the venue participating in this year’s Tasting Australia event held in Adelaide.

The Tasting Australia banner at Tasting Australia’s headquarters for this year’s event where Independent Refrigeration Services installed some refrigerated shipping containers

Independent coolrooms hired to operate as a bank of coolrooms for Tasting Australia 2018 event

2 x free standing coolrooms hired for Tasting Australian at Victoria Square in Adelaide

A refrigerated shipping container with side door, hired in Victoria Square, Adelaide

Independent Refrigeration Services hired and installed two coolrooms, both with different opening facing doors for ease of access during a Tasting Australia event in Adelaide

Reefers and cool rooms on hire in Adelaide’s Victoria Square for Tasting Australia 2018

An Independent Refrigeration Services Refrigerated container hired with a side door and a rear opening door

An Independent Refrigeration Services refrigerated shipping container being unloaded for hire at Tasting Australia in Victoria Square Adelaide for the 2018 event