Programmed Maintenance


IRS Refrigeration Service is focused upon the Horticultural, Food Processing and Refrigerated Transport industries, specialising in the Installation, Repair and Servicing of food processing facilities, cool rooms and freezer rooms.

IRS is a totally reliable refrigeration service contractor providing cost effective refrigeration solutions and has built its reputation by providing quality service to businesses that recognize the value of a broad range of experience which includes design and engineering capacity, electrical qualifications, installation, maintenance, service and repair excellence. All our mechanics are experts in fault finding and servicing.

Our reputation is based upon recognising the importance of proper evaluation of customer requirements, a network of reliable suppliers and backed up with quality refrigeration mechanics, available 24 / 7.

Refrigeration Maintenance

IRS Refrigeration has qualified on-staff refrigeration technicians. To ensure optimum performance, it is essential that your refrigeration installations are serviced on a quarterly cycle.

This is especially important prior to Winter and Summer as the changes in the local environment invariably require adjustments.

We also recommend frequent maintenance as, by its nature, a large number of moving parts and sensitive adjustments will require adjustments and maintenance.

With the largest single user profile of our refrigeration being ford related this is an essential need.

Programmed Refrigeration Maintenance

We offer programmed maintenance packages to fit your needs.
All packages are for 12 month duration with cost savings for extended maintenance contracts.

This ensures certain rotated maintenance at a reasonable price and priority emergency attention if required.

IRS takes pride in its reputation by working in partnership with our customers to achieve the best possible service; our customers value the prompt, professional service we provide.

IRS services customers in the Adelaide metro and outer areas and has mechanics based in Renmark as well as customers throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The IRS Refrigeration new Reefer Container Monitoring and Control solution developed by the TX Reefer engineering team, called TxR Reefer, which we believe could greatly benefit your business – leading to significant savings in maintenance/repair costs, and loss prevention, and allow for the provision of a unique, specialized, reefer monitoring service for end-customers. The Container Monitoring and Control solution system connects the reefer container (equipped with microprocessor such as Carrier MicroLink 2i/3) to the internet, via GPRS/GPS technology, all managed through our own secure, high-tech web-interface.

Direct connection to the reefer microprocessor allows for 2-way communication, to receive/monitor technical refrigeration data (for example, temperatures, pressures, voltages, currents etc) and controller alarm codes, as well as providing the user with the ability to send commands that you would do via the Keypad all remotely, in real time, through the internet (e.g. change SetPoint, initiate Defrost, run Pre-Trip command, clear (inactive) Alarms etc.). Furthermore, the TxR system is set-up so that up to 2 mobile numbers will receive an SMS Alarm alert notification, in the event of an Alarm, allowing pre-emptive actions to be taken.

Shipping Container Monitoring and Control solution system Kit includes the following items:

  • Shipping Container Module, which contains internally:
  • GPS/GPRS antenna;
  • Internal Battery-Pack
  • 2GB Internal Memory
  • TxR Network SIM card.
  • Adapter Cable for direct connection into Reefer Controller (e.g. ML2i/3 data port)
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Screws/Bolts/Nuts/Washers

The benefits that we believe the TxR Reefer system can provide are:

  • 24hour ‘Real-Time’ Reefer Monitoring of Technical Data (e.g. Alarms, Temperatures/Pressures/Voltages/Currents/GPS position etc.)
  • Independent Logging of Data/Events – reports in PDF and Graph form. All data is stored in a secure remote location avoiding tampering of data.
  • Real-Time Alarm notifications allowing prompt action to be taken on event of a critical alarm.


  • Unlimited access to perform Reefer unit commands and change configuration parameters using highly secure web technology, for example SetPoint change, manual Defrost, Defrost interval change, update time/date etc.


  • Unlimited access to perform Pre-Trip function, check/clear Alarms, all in Real-Time.
  • Reefer mechanics pre-prepared for repairs (e.g. tools and spare parts).
  • Cross-checking of reefer service quotations.

Further information about the Shipping Container Monitoring and Control solution system:

  • The main difference between the TxR system and existing monitoring systems (RMM, WRAD or similar), is that it is not limited to a small coverage area such as a Container Terminal, meaning the system is not static and does not require large/fixed setup costs such as a local server and transceiver hardware.
  • The TxR system can be accessed worldwide wherever there is mobile network coverage – so wherever your mobile phone works the reefer can be accessed online.
  • Simple (plug and play) installation of TxR module allowing quick and easy interchange among reefers in-use from reefer fleet;
  • iPhone/Smart phone and Tablet PC compatible;
  • Optional email alerts;
  • Continuous logging of data when out of network range (from 2GB of internal memory or more);
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade capability, allowing product improvements and increasing product life;
  • Customizable software/hardware to suit needs (for example: ‘read-only’ access for end-customers to provide them with detailed online tracking of their cargo; log-in page direct from the customers website; logged data presented with company logo).

We have obtained certification through QAS International in Environmental Management – ISO 14001:2004 (Certificate No. AUP1032EN), Quality Management – ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. AUP1032CA), and Occupational Health and Safety – BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (Certificate No. AUP1032HS).