Shipping Containers Modified for Storage and Other Purposes

We specialise in new and used shipping containers and in the modification of shipping containers to suit your requirements.

IRSSA has extensive experience modifying refrigerated containers. We will also modify general purpose shipping containers and steel containers (sea containers).

We can refurbish used containers or modify new shipping containers to meet a huge range of purposes.


Shipping Container Customisation

Steel containers are ideal for customisation, providing you with a mobile container or a static site container for a wide range of possible uses. The container will inherit qualities of security, mobility and adaptability.

Some possible container adaptations include:

  • Shipping container offices- air-conditioning, windows, lighting, decks and shelves, security,
  • Shipping container Pop-Up Shops,
  • Shipping container Cafes,
  • Movable Bars for liquor and soft drinks,
  • Container Take-away food Outlets
  • Shipping container accommodation – temporary or longer term, fully transportable for staff living quarters (mining or construction industries) or other accommodation, the comforts of a hotel or home in a small secure container package. Air-conditioning units installable.Containers can be stacked.
  • Accomodation extras: glass sliding doors, cooking facilities, ensuite toilet and/or bathroom, insulation, accessible power through a power pack.
  • Generator Sheds – to minimise ambient noise levels.
  • Sales offices
  • Shipping Container Kitchens – full kitchen fit out, cooking facilities, exhaust fittings and water access available,
  • Container bathrooms, toilets and ablution units,
  • Dangerous Goods Containers and explosive stores,
  • Construction office,
  • Work shops at home, Business workshops- benches, shelving, lighting, security locking, power sources,
  • Wine Cellars with temperature control and wine racks,
  • Storage units,
  • Kiosks,
  • Garages,
  • tool sheds,
  • Office building,
  • Transportable staff canteens,
  • Archive stores with shelving, interior lighting, security locking.

Shipping Container Conversions

We have new and used shipping containers in stock now.

We will modify according to your specifications for your business right now.

Standard Container Modification

The full range of container sizes can be adapted for your particular requirements. Modifications possible are only limited by your imagination.


  • Windows and doors
  • Access ramps
  • Standard and customised shelving
  • Additional security, locks and bars
  • 415 and 240 volt options available

The advantages of Steel Containers

Shipping containers are a very strong mobile or stationary structure and are known for being:


  • Extremely secure
  • Easy to modify
  • Extremely versatile
  • Rigid and stable

We have obtained certification through QAS International in Environmental Management – ISO 14001:2004 (Certificate No. AUP1032EN), Quality Management – ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. AUP1032CA), and Occupational Health and Safety – BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (Certificate No. AUP1032HS).