Thermo King Shipping Containers


We are currently offering approximately 200 Thermo King Refrigeration Units at a greatly reduced price. These units are not old stock, but are excess to our needs.

These shipping container refrigeration units are ideal for retrofit old container equipment

Please note these units are located in China and do not including shipping to Australia/overseas – freight quote will be provided if requested.

We are offering them in batches of 10 or more units, at a special price of US$10,500 per unit Not Including the container.

If the container is required we offer specialprices base upon the quantities required

Our normal sell price in Australia is US$12,500 – US$12,600 so don’t delay and get yourself a bargain while stocks last.

Features include:

  • Scroll Compressor
  • Highest cooling capacity unit on the market
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Most user friendly
  • Lightest unit on the market
  • Set point range from +30 Celsius to -40 Celsius
  • Rated at 50 degrees ambient.

Contact IRS today for a quote on delivery to your location and don’t miss out on this amazing offer. Available only while stocks last.

Maximum performance through efficiency design

Low Energy Consumption

Less energy is required with MAGNUM PLUSTM advanced features, allowing signi cant cost savings and setting
a new standard in efficiency.

Minimising Environmental Impact

The future is greener with MAGNUM PLUSTM: thanks to its ef cient operation, MAGNUM PLUSTM decreased the impact on the environment without compromising temperature control.

Lowest Temperature

The MAGNUM PLUSTM is the only unit on the market capable of reaching and maintaining -40°C box temperature in +50°C ambient environment, thereby preserving product quality and further increasing usable box life.

Tight Temperature Control

Thanks to advanced temperature management control systems, MAGNUM PLUSTM delivers extremely accurate temperature control as required in modern refrigeration.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The straightforward design of the system enables easy maintenance. This together with the low energy consumption ensures a low total cost of ownership. This unit not only delivers great performance, but also promises to be an ideal and pro table investment.

Faster pull down

Thanks to its superior cooling capacity, the MAGNUM PLUSTM can increase storage life by reaching the set-point faster and more accurately.

Reduced Weight

Advanced design methods and the optimization of components result in the lowest unit weight on the market, thereby signi cantly increasing overall cargo capacity.

Tested Technology

With over 100,000 units in service and with years of experience, the MAGNUM platform has been recognised by the industry as extremely reliable

Global Service

Thermo King global network will provide the support you need around the Globe, around the clock.

We have obtained certification through QAS International in Environmental Management – ISO 14001:2004 (Certificate No. AUP1032EN), Quality Management – ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. AUP1032CA), and Occupational Health and Safety – BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (Certificate No. AUP1032HS).